We provide individuals with a unique and personal jewelry service that focuses on customer satisfaction, high quality craftsmanship, and original designs.

New York City and Donner Peak Landscape Ring
Yellow Gold Montrose Pendant
New York City and Donner Peak Landscape Ring

Custom Jewelry By Waylon Rhoads...

Jewelry is one of the most sentimental possessions that individuals have.  With so much jewelry being manufactured in a mass production fashion, a certain amount of the intimacy is lost.  I want to bring the romance back in jewelry, by hand crafting every single item I make, with the intent of making for the person who is going to wear it.  There is a much different mentality that goes into making a one of a kind piece, that many jewelers don't seem to understand. I like to imagine how the person receiving the gift would react once they see it.  

I strive to satisfy.  I create, not only to satisfy my own personal wants and goals, but to push the envelope of what jewelry can be.  I want to be as far away from the cookie cutter fashions that are so prolific today and make jewelry that is new, different, and refreshing.  Aside from working with the public, I also strive to help out other jewelry store owners.  I have 10 years of retail jewelry experience, mostly working in high volume, high quality stores.  I have learned many things about what it takes for a retail jewelry store to succeed, and the biggest difference between the successes and the failures, is the ability to provide jewelry services to the customer.  Having to wait 4 weeks to get a ring sized is no longer tolerable to a customer.  I can help assist jewelry stores by providing my services to them, as if I was another employee.

All Rhoads Lead To Love.